Known as "The Bloody 27th" for the casualties they sustained at 1st Manassas, the 27th Virginia Infantry Regiment was organized in May, 1861, and accepted into Confederate service in July of that year.  Part of the famed Stonewall Brigade, the 27th was comprised of only eight companies.  The commander, Andrew Jackson Grigsby, commanded the Stonewall Brigade for a period of time, including the battle of Sharpsburg.  Only 1 officer and 20 men surrendered at wars end.

The men were from the counties of Alleghany, Rockbridge, Monroe, Greenbrier, and Ohio (parts of what is now West Virginia).   The companies were:  Company A, Alleghany Roughs; Company B, Virginia Hibernians; Company C, Alleghany Rifles; Company D, Monroe Guard; Company E, Greenbrier Rifles (also Lewisburg Rifles): Company F, Greenbrier Sharp Shooters; Company G, Shriver Grays; Company H, Old Dominion Guard, which disbanded in June 1861 and was replaced by Company H, Rockbridge Rifles who were originally of the 4th Virginia.

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27th Virginia Infantry Regiment