The 2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment formed in Charles Town (then "Virginia") April 1861, and mustered into Confederate service in July. Its companies were raised in the Virginia counties of Clarke, Frederick, Floyd, Jefferson, and Berkeley, and the Regiment was part of the famous Stonewall Brigade under General T.J. "Stonewall" Jackson. On April 9, 1865, the 2nd surrendered with 9 officers and 62 men. Companies of the 2nd were: Company A, Jefferson Guards; Company B, Hamtramck Guards; Company C, Nelson Rifles; Company D, Berkeley Border Guards; Company E, Hedgesville Blues; Company F, Winchester Riflemen; Company G, Botts Greys; Company H, Letcher Riflemen; Company I, Clarke Rifles; and Company K, Floyd Guards. 

​Though two companies of the 2nd Va had been long-time members, this regiment is currently not represented in the reactivated Stonewall Brigade. If you're interested in joining the Brigade as a company of the 2nd Virginia, notify the Brigade Commander via the "Contact" page.

2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment