33rd VA 

Company H

The 33rd Virginia Company H is focused in the Manassas area and Central Virginia. Please contact John Bibber for additional information.

In January, 1997 the 33rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Company H "Page Grays" was recreated. Our goal then, as it is now, is to portray the common infantryman to the best of our abilities. Company H is a confederate unit based out of Manassas, Virginia. The original unit was from the Shenandoah's Page County, Virginia. Company H represents a portion of today's Stonewall Brigade (2nd VA, 4th VA, and 5th VA).

The unit participates in living histories, preservation marches, and battle reenactments, portraying a Confederate infantry regiment on campaign. By campaign, the unit means "bring only those items you intend to carry on your person for the event". The unit does extensive research to constantly improve its impression. Unit members are trained in Gilham's School of the Soldier and bayonet drill.

We are particularly interested in preserving Virginia's Civil War history. If this interests you, the unit has a place for you in its ranks. Come join our unit and bring Company H's past to life.