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About the Stonewall Brigade

The Stonewall Brigade is a progressive/authentic campaigner reenacting group dedicated to portraying the common Confederate infantryman. We strive to present an authentic, research-based impression of the individual soldiers of the Civil War to serve as an educational resource for the public, to preserve and interpret history, and to honor the memory of those we portray. Although we are frequently called upon to portray a variety of Confederate units, our primary impression is of the original Stonewall Brigade. The Brigade itself serves as an umbrella organization encompassing three member companies, the 4th Virginia Infantry Company A, the 5th Virginia Infantry Company A, and the 33rd Virginia Infantry Company H. Previous members include the 2nd Virginia Co. A, 2nd Virginia Co. E, 27th Virginia Co. C, 27th Virginia Co. D, 33rd Virginia Co. A, 33rd Virginia Co. E, and the Liberty Hall Fife and Drum Corps. 

Individuals interested in joining the Stonewall Brigade can do so by contacting the Brigade commander via the contact information on this site or by reaching out to one of the member companies directly. We highly encourage anyone considering joining us to work with a company to attend one of our events, to determine if reenacting is for you and if the Stonewall Brigade is a good fit for what you want out of the hobby. We will provide you the uniform, equipment, ammunition, and rations you’ll need for the weekend – you just need to show up and have fun! Some of our members come to us from more mainstream reenacting organizations, looking for a more authentic experience. Others are entirely new to reenacting. Either way, if you decide the Brigade is a good fit for you, we’ll work with you and provide you the resources to begin building your impression, buying gear, and learning the basics of drill. 

Each of our three companies has a slightly different personality and have different procedures for unit dues, etc… Which company you join is entirely up to you, but many new members will start with the unit closest to their home area. Members of any of our companies are welcome to participate in events hosted by their sister companies and you can easily switch to another company within the Brigade if you find another company is a better match for you. The 4th Virginia is concentrated in the Shenandoah Valley, Maryland, and southern Pennsylvania. The 5th Virginia is concentrated in northern Virginia, while the 33rd Virginia is concentrated around Manassas and into central Virginia. Learn more about these units by clicking on the links below.

Get started by contacting us at admin@stonewallbrigade.net.