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5th Virginia Infantry, Co. A
“The Marion Rifles”

When the hostilities between the States began, the first units to heed the call to arms were local militia units.  One of these militia units hailed from Winchester Virginia and after attending the hanging of John Brown joined similar militia companies at Harpers Ferry Virginia, formed into regiments, and this particular group became Company A, 5th Virginia Infantry Regiment.  Their Captain, John Henry Stover Funk, had been a physician in Marion County Va prior to the war, and this group carried the nickname “Marion Rifles”.  The “Rifles” were involved in most every major engagement of the War Between the States and along with the 2nd, 4th, 27th and 33rd Virginia Regiments, were part of the famed Stonewall Brigade.

Balls Bluff Reenactment, October 22, 2011
Flag of the 5th Virginia (Back)

Join us in reenacting this famous organization. Relive the realism of battle, the hardship of campaign life, and the glories of times long ago. For more information, contact unit president Dave Tucker.

​Private Peter Lauck Kurtz of Co A, 5th Virginia
John Henry Stover Funk,
First Captain of the Marion Rifles
​Romney, 1990
Ready for First Manassas, 2011