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2018 Stonewall Brigade Event Calendar

The Stonewall Brigade calendar is divided into three types of events. Brigade Maximum Effort events are the small number of events year year that we encourage all our members to make an extra effort to attend. Brigade events are events we have voted to attend as a Brigade and all Brigade members are encouraged to attend. Company supported events are generally smaller events and living histories our member companies have voted to support. All Brigade members are permitted to attend events supported by their sister companies. 

6-7 October: Waterford Fair in Waterford, VA. This is a bounty event, with $10 per man per day going into your company’s treasury. There is no registration or fee for this event. Uniform guidelines TBA (some of us may be asked to galvanize). Further details TBA. This is a 5th Virginia-supported event.

19-21 October: Battle of Cedar Creek at Cedar Creek Battlefield, VA. This event has unfortunately been cancelled by the event organizers. 

20 October: Skirmish and living history at Balls Bluff Battlefield in Leesburg, VA. Requested uniform is Mississippi jackets with matching trousers; either kepis or slouch hats; early war canteens, knapsacks, haversacks, etc… if you own a smoothbore, this is an excellent event to use it. Any early war commutation jacket is an acceptable alternative; RDII jackets are allowed, you are encouraged to temporarily trim it for the event. Further details TBA. Please follow the event’s Facebook page for the most up-to-date information. This is a Stonewall Brigade event.

8 December: Christmas living history at Fort Ward, Alexandria, VA. Event is held from 12-4. Please arrive no later than 11:30 to set-up. Please dress for the weather. This is a 5th Virginia-supported event.

Partner Events

The following are events which the Stonewall Brigade and its member companies have not voted to attend as a group. They are, however, hosted by our sister organizations and trusted partners and we are listing them here for the awareness of our members should they wish to attend as an individual. 

14-16 September:
Living history at Antietam National Battlefield, MD. This is an event hosted by our sister unit the Confederate Military Forces. For further information please contact Curtis Utz of the CMF at ruthutz@icloud.com.

2-4 November: Averell’s Advance at Droop Mountain, WV. This is an immersion event and Confederate registration is capped at 125 muskets. It is on original ground and Confederate forces will be holding the mountain top at 3,100 feet. For more information please see the event page or event Facebook page.