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2020 Stonewall Brigade Event Calendar

The Stonewall Brigade calendar is divided into three types of events. Brigade Maximum Effort events are the small number of events each year that we encourage all our members to make an extra effort to attend. Brigade events are events we have voted to attend as a Brigade and all Brigade members are encouraged to attend. Company supported events are generally smaller events and living histories our member companies have voted to support. All Brigade members are permitted to attend events supported by their sister companies.

21-23 February: Winter Quarters at Dill’s Tavern, PA. This is our annual winter quarters event with our NCO School, light drill, flea market, and general merriment. Closed to the public. There will be no cost to attend. This is a Stonewall Brigade event.

Date TBA (**Cancelled**): Camp of Instruction at Monocacy National Battlefield in Fredrick, MD.

28 June (**Cancelled**): Civil War Day at The Winery at Bull Run. Details TBA. This is a 33rd Virginia-supported event.

7-9 August (**Cancelled**): Slaughter on the Mountain at Cedar Mountain Battlefield in Culpepper, VA.

17-19 October (**Cancelled**): 156th Battle of Cedar Creek. In collaboration with the CMF, we will portray a sharpshooter company of the 3rd Alabama Infantry. Registration is available here; please mark CMF as your affiliation and ‘Stonewall Brigade’ as your unit. For additional information follow the event’s Facebook page. As a late war event, brigade members are strongly encouraged to wear an RD II/III jacket in blue-grey kersey. Trousers should be English blue kersey or grey/brown jean. Slouch hats or blue-grey Richmond Depot kepis are the preferred headgear. For additional details on adapting your impression to 1864, please see the Late War section of this article. This is a Stonewall Brigade event.

17 October (**Cancelled**): Living History at the Stuart-Mosby Museum. This is a one day (Saturday) living history as part of Centerville Day. Details TBA. This is a 5th Virginia-supported event.

21 November (**Cancelled**): Remembrance Day Parade in Gettysburg. Details TBA. This is a Stonewall Brigade event.

Partner Events

The following are events which the Stonewall Brigade and its member companies have not voted to attend as a group. They are, however, hosted by our sister organizations and trusted partners and we are listing them here for the awareness of our members should they wish to attend as an individual or small group. 

11-12 April (**Cancelled**): 155th Anniversary commemoration at Appomattox Court House National Historical Park. This is a 26th North Carolina-supported event, to which they have invited other Southern Division organizations.

1-3 May (**Cancelled**): Living history at Chancellorsville National Battlefield. This is a CMF-supported event.

16-17 May (**Cancelled**): 156th Anniversary Battle of New Market.

6-7 June (**Cancelled**): Living history at the Worthington Farm, Monocacy National Battlefield. This is a CMF-supported event.

4-5 July (**Cancelled**): Living history at Pitzer’s Woods, Gettysburg National Battlefield Park. This is a CMF-supported event.

10-12 July (**New Date**): Silent Machines: The Regulars Response to Invasion. Held near Upperville, VA. The Liberty Rifles will be hosting this full regimental scale, hyper authentic event portraying the 12th United States Infantry in June 1863. This is a fully immersive event focused on getting all the details of recreating a regiment correct. Please be aware that this event has exacting authenticity requirements. Additional information and registration are available here.

18-19 July: Civil War Hospital Weekend at Ben Lomond House, Manassas, VA. This event portrays the historic 1832 Pringle House as the Confederate hospital it was used as after the Battle of First Manassas.  This is a living history event that includes musket firing demonstrations, medical demonstrations, tours of the house, and an immersive evening lanternlight program that brings the hospital scene to life for visitors. Overnight camping is allowed.

22-23 August: 158th Anniversary Commemoration of the Battle of Kettle Run, in Manassas, VA. This event takes place on the actual Kettle Run battlefield. The battle was fought on August 27, 1862, as part of the Second Manassas Campaign. This is a living history event that includes musket firing demonstrations, demonstrations of battle tactics, artillery firing demonstrations, and battlefield tours. Overnight camping is allowed. Additional information is available on the event Facebook page.

19-20 September (**Cancelled**): Living history at Antietam National Battlefield Park. In addition to the living history at Antietam, this event includes the optional 17 mile A.P. Hill March on Saturday from Harpers Ferry to Antietam. This is a CMF-supported event.

12-13 December: Living history at the Slaughter Pen Farm in Fredericksburg, VA. This is a SD, LLC-supported event. The majority of the event will occur on Saturday, with an optional Sunday Ranger-led battlefield tour.