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Recommended Authentic Sutlers

The following are sutlers we endorse for authentic Civil War uniforms and equipment suitable for purchase by Stonewall Brigade members. 

General Sutlers
These vendors carry goods from some of the better makers of reproduction uniforms and accouterments, many of those found below in our specific equipment suppliers list.

S & S Sutler
One of the best general sutlers for authentic gear.

N.J. Sekela
Personal items and clothing.

Sutler of Fort Scott
Wide variety of personal items that goes far beyond typical haversack stuffers.

Carter and Japser Mercantile
Civilian clothing, knit goods, household items, groceries, and period food containers.

Regimental Quartermaster
A mainstream sutler, so use caution, but their Campaigner Gear selection is a good place to purchase quality gear from some of the makers we recommend, such as Waumbaugh, White & Co., Nick Sekela, and Family Heirloom Weavers.

Wambaugh, White, & Company
Offer several different Confederate uniforms, as well as kits, fabric, and supplies.

Richmond Depot
Offers several different Confederate uniforms. Very high reputation for quality.

B & B Tart
Offer several different Confederate uniforms, as well as kits, fabric, and supplies. They also sell blanks – fully assembled jackets that just require the hand stitching (buttons, buttonholes, etc…) to keep costs lower.

C.J. Daley
Excellent pieces, but selection is limited and orders can take awhile to be filled.

Myrtle Avenue Clothiers
Offers Richmond Depot jackets machine or hand-sewn. Most orders are made to order, so it can take a little while to receive your order.

W. Hutzell & Co.

County Cloth Inc.
Kits, patterns, fabric, and completed uniforms.

Heirloom Weavers

Needle and Thread
Fabric and sewing notions.

Hats and Caps
TP & H Trading Company Sutlers
Tim Bender

Dirty Billy

Clearwater Hats

The Richmond Depot
Offers several kepis.

Russel Osmianski Caps and Kepis
Kepis and forage caps made to order.

Shoes and Boots
Missouri Boot & Shoe
High quality custom footwear.

Robert Land Historical Footwear
Available via N.J. Sekela.

L.D. Haning & Co.
Also manufactures excellent knapsacks.

Also offers footwear.

Corson Leather Goodes
Glenn Courson, a member of the 33rd Virginia, makes excellent belts and other leather goods.

Dell’s Leatherworks

Parsley’s Brass
Excellent belt buckles.

ACW Kits
Recently acquired by B & B Tart, ACW Kits provides do-it-yourself kits for cartridge boxes, cap boxes, and bayonet scabbards. A great option if you’re handy with leatherwork and want to save some money. 

W. Hutzell & Co.
Makes excellent leather goods, haversacks, and knapsacks.

Hanover Brass Foundry

Canteens, Cups & Boilers
Otter Creek Tinware

Knapsacks and Haversacks
L.D. Haning & Co.

Missouri Boot & Shoe

Rifles & Bayonets
John Zimmerman
1195 Washington Street
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

Blockade Runner
A mainstream sutler, but good defarbed muskets by Todd Watts.

Lodgewood Manufacturing

Back Creek Gun Shop
Sells bulk black powder and percussion caps. Located in Winchester, VA.

Jefferson Arsenal
Pre-rolled cartridges (no powder), cartridge kits, and imitation cartridges for living history displays

Tents, Shelter Halves, and Blankets
South Union Mills
Coverlets and Blankets

Wambaugh, White, & Co.
Shelter halves and kits to make your own.

Other Items
Sullivan Press
Paper items and books.

RoweClan Haversack

Bent’s Cookie Factory
Hardtack and green coffee beans.

Orchard Hill Cutlery

Historic EyeWear Company

Jebediah Nightlighter
Selection of unique personal items and some clothing and accouterments.

Preservation Parcels
A small selection of authentic personal items, but proceeds go towards historical preservation.