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2022 Stonewall Brigade Event Calendar

The Stonewall Brigade calendar is divided into three types of events. Brigade Maximum Effort events are the small number of events each year that we encourage all our members to make an extra effort to attend. Brigade events are events we have voted to attend as a Brigade and all Brigade members are encouraged to attend. Company supported events are generally smaller events and living histories our member companies have voted to support. All Brigade members are permitted to attend events supported by their sister companies.

25-27 February (**Cancelled**): Winter Quarters at Dill’s Tavern in Dillsburg, PA. This event has been cancelled due to COVID, pending a potential reschedule.

22-24 April (**Cancelled**): Terrible Swift Sword. This event has been cancelled by the organizers, Rear Rank Productions, due to overall low registration numbers.

13-15 May: 160th Battle of McDowell in McDowell, VA. Scenario will be similar to years past, with the Confederates camping east of Bull Pasture River on Friday night and then attacking and taking the town on Saturday. The action Sunday will be at the base of the mountain, portraying the early stages of the original battle. The CS force will have different campsites Friday and Saturday night, requiring participants to carry their gear during the battle on Saturday. More information and registration details are available on the event Facebook page. This is a Stonewall Brigade event.

5-7 August: Slaughter on the Mountain at Cedar Mountain Battlefield Park in Culpeper, VA. Registration fee is $25 with a cut off on June 11. Individuals who registered for the original Slaughter on the Mountain event in 2020 will not have to pay the fee, but should re-register for this year’s event. Additional info is available on the event website. This is a Stonewall Brigade event.

27-28 August: 160th Anniversary of Brawner’s Farm NPS Living History at Manassas National Battlefield in Manassas, VA. Details TBA. There will be no cost to attend this event and registration is not required. This is a Stonewall Brigade event.

16-18 September: A Perfect Homespun Waterloo for the 160th Battle of Antietam in Sharpsburg, VA. Held on original ground along Antietam Creek with an overall cap of 600 participants total for the event. We will portray the 12th South Carolina, recreating in near real-time the action on the far Confederate right flank, from the Federals forcing their way across Saverly’s Ford through the counterattack of Gregg’s Brigade (from A. P. Hill’s Division) in Otto’s Cornfield. The event will wrap up at 9 or 10am Sunday morning, potentially with a ranger walk of the original ground at Antietam. There will be a static camp in wooded land along the creek, about 300 yards from the battlefield and roughly a quarter mile from parking and sutlers. Registration for our battalion is now open, as is the Facebook group for members of the 12th South Carolina. This is a Stonewall Brigade maximum effort event.

Partner Events

The following are events which the Stonewall Brigade and its member companies have not voted to attend as a group. They are, however, hosted by our sister organizations and trusted partners and we are listing them here for the awareness of our members should they wish to attend as an individual or small group. 

1-3 April: 160th Battle of Shiloh. The event is being put on by the 1st Division/Southern Reenactors Association. Additional information and registration is available here.

20-22 May: 160th Seven Days Battles in Berkeley Springs, WV. Hosted by the ANV with scenarios pulled from the Seven Days Battles.

26-28 August: 160th Battle of Kettle Run. On original ground as part of newly acquired land of the Bristoe Station  Battlefield park. A living history, but with both Union and Confederate elements that will fire and maneuver to represent Ewell’s action covering the rear of Jackson’s Corps as it seized Manassas Depot. Facebook page is here.

7-9 October: 160th Battle of Perryville in Perryville, KY.

11 December: 160th Battle of Fredericksburg at the Slaughter Pen Farm in Fredericksburg, VA. One day living history, with optional camping Friday and Sunday night. Portrayal will be the 16th Maine’s attack on Lane’s Brigade. An optional ranger walk will be offered on Sunday.